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I met my kids for lunch today, and chatted for an hour or so.  Good conversation - or at least as good as can be expected between people who are (sadly) nearly strangers.  I mentioned that I was dating, and they seemed very surprised.  But at least that's out of the way.

Tonight's date went fairly well - lots of good conversation, no awkward pauses. She's reasonably attractive, though something about her mannerisms might get old after a while.  Still, she would be fun to hang out with, so I'm hoping there will be a date #2.  The date was fairly short, and as I was driving home it occurred to me that I screwed up math on the tip and left a crummy tip - she may very well have seen it on the charge receipt, and I hope that wasn't what caused the date to end so quickly. Story of my life, I'm afraid.....

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