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I went to see a live band Friday night (just a small-time cover band in a bar) and I did run into the girl I was hoping to see but she was running late and she and her friend already had a couple of guys tagging along with them by the time she found me.  Luckily I had already started talking to another girl, someone I'd wanted to talk to at the karaoke thing last week but just hadn't had a chance to.  She's actually very nice (and skinny as a rail, and much better looking than her picture) and we spent most of the evening together. You couldn't hear the band from where our table was, so we wandered over closer to the stage and stood there for a while. I spent most of the time standing behind/beside her, and had my hands on her shoulders part of the time and her hips part of the time. That was actually a nice feeling - holding her hips, slightly swaying in sync to the music, with gentle body contact (not pulling her up against me, but I could feel her ass on my crotch and I'm sure she could as well).  I didn't get a lot of feedback as to how she felt about this. It felt a little forward to me, given that we'd only know each other an hour or so, but apparently I'm too reserved - so I decided to just go for it.  She didn't seem inclined to want to actually dance - which is good, because I don't dance.  At the end of the night I got her phone number, so now I have to decide when/how to call/text her.

Also ran into someone I've seen around the office (and thought was cute) but didn't actually know, and we chatted for a couple of minutes. She was hanging with a guy who'd been alone earlier in the evening, so obviously she's not attached to him or anyone else, and she's the sort that goes to bars and is interested in meeting people.  I'll definitely have to talk to her a little more next time I see her in the hall at work.

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