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Got a new TV today - 55" LG LED (3D) for $699 at costco. Now I just need to get cable (the guy's coming on Sunday) and/or a DVD player (from Amazon, to be delivered next week). Then I can vegetate with the best of them!

Got an interesting-seeming conversation going on POF with someone who happens to be a therapist (it would be cool if we end up dating - I could tell people I'm seeing a shrink ;-) but according to google she works WAY far away, so not sure how practical this might be. Still, she's kinda cute, at least according to her pics (but I've learned you can't always trust those).

And got another out-of-the-blue message from someone else on POF, but she's only so-so in looks. Still, can't hurt to follow up on it.

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