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Nothing too exciting - last night was OK, but I sort of doubt we'll get together again. On the plus side, she paid for half of it (I'm old-fashioned enough that I feel like I ought to pay, but poor enough to let her pitch in if she offers), and the restaurant screwed up in splitting the bill, so a $42 check only cost me $15.  Hers was only $15 too - no idea where the other $12 disappeared to!

I've got another date for tomorrow night - we'll see how that goes. At least this girl lives closer, so it seems more practical right off the bat, and I'll be on my home turf restaurant-wise.  I think the people at the restaurant are starting to wonder what's going on - every week or two I'm there with a different girl!

Oh, and the girl from the meetup thing is going to another meetup I signed up for this Friday, so I'll see her again. Hopefully the music won't be so loud that we can't talk (wishful thinking - it's as if the purpose of live music is to make sure no one can communicate).

Something did occur to me: in the case of the XGF, we had messaged each other back and forth for hours at a time, days before actually meeting, and some of those got rather sexual - so I had already told her she was on my "to do" list (and she said I was on hers) before we even met. Maybe that's why we were kissing within 20 minutes of meeting face-to-face (or maybe just because she likes kissing so much). Anyway, seems like an important lesson in there - if she's already thinking sex before we even meet, that smooths things out a lot.  Now I just have to figure out how to turn other text exchanges sexual without seeming like a creep. In the case of the XGF it just sort of fell out of some other witty banter (oh how I flatter myself!), but I don't think the way we got there is a good general-purpose approach. I need to think about that one, and maybe see if I can try that again on (before) a future first date.

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