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Still too damn cold - I hate winter. The only good thing about winter is that it means I'm one year closer to moving to Florida. Not that I have any idea when that might be, but whenever it is, I'm a year closer to it every year.

My hand started turning strange colors yesterday - the backs of my fingers are almost green-ish looking from the hand down to past the first knuckle. I went to a meetup thing last night, and met a couple of interesting women - and one of them noticed my hand so that gave me a nice conversation-starter.  Grip strength is better - I can hold a glass now - but I don't think I'm going rock climbing this week!

Time to get ready for tonight's date. I wish it wasn't so cold outside (but at least it'll be warm in the shower!).  Everyone has to bundle up so much that you can hardly see what anyone looks like. And no matter how much they turn the heat up, restaurants are always cold because people are always opening the doors to come in or go out.

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