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It's cold today - I hate winter (more every year), and I can hardly wait for spring. 

My hand is getting better - still no grip strength, but the range of motion is better: I can straighten my fingers out completely, and I can touch my palm with them. I couldn't do either one yesterday, so that's progress. Also, the swelling is way down - I can see the bones in the back of my hand, instead of this swollen blob.

Oh, and I actually got a response from the XGF after telling her it was over.  She agrees that we shouldn't see each other again, and says it's partially because of the text exchanges - but also because she didn't think there was much chemistry even though we had a great time together (her words, not mine).  It's an interesting distinction to draw.  I guess she wants it all (and there's no reason she shouldn't) - but if you had to settle for one or the other, would it be better to have a great time but no chemistry (whatever the hell "chemistry" is), or lots of chemistry but not have a good time together? Or are they both deal-breakers - if a relationship fails either test, you have to drop it and keep looking?

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